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 Snorkeling Guidelines

1. Always snorkel with a buddy.

2. It is important to gradually increase the duration of breath holds, in order to minimize the chance of blacking out. One member of the buddy team should remain on the surface to observe and assist if required while the other dives.

3. Equalization should be started while you are still at the surface and continued periodically during descent. Equalization should always be carried out prior to the onset of pressure and pain.

4. Practice the use of you equipment in a swimming pool before venturing into open water.

5. Take snorkeling instructions from a qualified instructor to improve your skills and confidence.

6. Never dive head first into the water.

7. Always carry some type of floatation device and tow a dive flag during all snorkeling activities.

8. Always exit the water if you are cold and/or tired.

9. Do not snorkel when you have a cold. Head congestion makes ear equalizing difficult or impossible.

10. Snorkeling equipment is not a substitute for swimming ability. Do not use this equipment unless you have the ability to swim without any aids.
11. Never wear ear plugs underwater. The pressure can drive the plugs into your ear drums and cause injury.

12. Always wear sun protection. This can be in the form of a sunscreen designed for water-sports use, through Rash Guards and Sun Shirts or a combination of the two.