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Introduction to Snorkeling

70% of the world lies just under the surface of the water. Snorkelling is a fun and enjoyable way for everyone to experience the underwater world. Even those who are not strong swimmers are able to become strong snorkelers. Snorkelling and skin diving are great ways for the entire family to get exercise and take pleasure in the outdoors.


Choosing and Preparing Your Mask

It is important that your mask fits your face. If a mask fits properly, it should stay in place if you place the mask on your face (without the strap) and inhale through your nose. Vaseline, or chapstick can be applied to moustaches to improve the seal. Once you have found a mask to fit your face properly, clean the inside of the lenses with toothpaste or mild detergent to remove a film that is left after manufacture. This helps decrease fogging of the mask lenses.

If you wear corrective lenses, look at masks with over the counter corrective lenses.


Snorkelling fins should be full foot fins. Using open heeled fins to snorkel with is similar to wearing hiking boots to sprint a 100m race.

Putting on Your Mask, Fins and Snorkel

To prevent condensation build-up on the inside of your mask lens use either a defog product or your own spit on the lens just before going snorkelling. Make sure that your snorkel is securely attached to the outside of the strap, on the left-hand side of the mask with either a snorkel keeper or a snorkel clip. Hold the mask against your face and pull the strap behind your head so that it rest flatly across the crown of you head. Slide your foot into the fin pocket by grasping either side and inserting your foot, pulling the heel up last.

Clearing Your Snorkel

When you dive under the water to investigate something that you see, your snorkel will fill with water. But donít worry the water is easy to clear from the snorkel. There are two methods that are commonly used among snorkellers. The first, takes place on the surface of the water. After returning to the surface and resuming a horizontal position you give a blast of air to eject the water from your snorkel. The second method takes place on the way to surface, and is usually learned after you have become familiar with the sport of snorkelling. As you are kicking to the surface, in a vertical position, tilt your head back and blow out a small burst of air. As you approach the surface the air expands and pushes the water from the snorkel. Always take your first breath with caution and give a second blast if necessary.

A snorkel with a purge valve makes it easier to keep the snorkel clear by allowing the water to be expelled through the bottom of the snorkel when breathing.